Cut N Edge has been providing Boston with outstanding haircuts for almost 20 years. Come for the atmosphere. Come for the music. Come get it cut — and edged.

Cut N Edge


Nelson Mejia started out over 20 years ago with a passion for providing outstanding haircuts in Boston. Since then, Cut N Edge has grown into one of the most friendly, efficient, and fun barbershops in the city. When you aren't receiving an expert cut from Nelson, Christmas, Sampe, or the like, you'll be laughing at the amiable banter, watching the fight on one of the TV screens, or enjoying the beats of a cumbia. We hope to see you soon.


Spotlight On Our Shop

Superior Service


Everyone's Welcome

Men, women, children. We cut all kinds of hair.


Hablamos Español

... Português, Kreyòl, and a few more!


What Our Customers Think About Us

Dominique W.

"I'm a queer brown woman who needed a good haircut. They're super laid-back, friendly, and don't make you (as a woman) feel out of place in a barbershop. Reasonably priced too - bring a 20 and a few bills for a tip and you're all set."

Yves E.

"Been going to Nelson (the owner) for 18 years. Never left! Amazing barber."

Kyle M.

I have never been let down by Keith at this barbershop; they are always able to squeeze me in.

Manny G.

This place is awesome, they know what they are doing!I'm from LA and every time I'm in town this is my to go spot for a haircut, beard cut. I highly recommend this place. They take their time and make sure you leave happy.

Rob D.

Took me awhile to find a quality barber in Boston. I started at a place that is supposed to be super "popular" in the north end. (I won't name any names) but they really messed me up.
I found Sampe. He got my fade perfect each time! And never messed up the top of my hair. Plus the prices are near the cheapest in the area!

Eric G.

only go to cutting edge. This is the best men's barbershop shop in Boston. I see Pablo when I'm there. He is the best and he always knows exactly what I need. Pablo is also a very local guy sometimes I see him at the local gym. Always friendly and always gives the best haircuts.

Shardul W.

One of the best places to go to for a haircut.Sampe is an experienced barber and remembers your haircut exactly as you like it!

Dominic L.

This place is a bit out of the way for me, but I was pretty unhappy with my last haircut at my local barbershop...I just didn't feel taken care of, know what I mean? So I thought I'd try this place out (I'm new to Boston and still on the hunt). Wesly really delivered. My last barber wasn't paying attention, and kept joking I'd probably hate my cut so much I wouldn't return. I probably won't, Cut N Edge was great. Also, it felt really good I was bouta fall asleep.

Michael S.

I like to get haircuts on a weekly basis and this is usually a good spot to go. I get my haircut from the owner, Nelson, who is the older but stylish looking dude found in the way back. I've visited This shop probably 40-50 times, and have never had an issue. I like to get a skin fade. If you like modern/short/stylish fades than I would definitely recommend Nelson. He can sometimes be difficult to get a hold of - if that's the case I usually go visit his son, Alex, who opened up his own shop down the street last year. They are both barbers who put quality above quantity.

Jeremy B.

From out of town. Walked in and was out in 20min. Full barbershop experience. Awesome.

Hessel V.

Was in town for the day and in desperate need of a haircut. Found Cut N Edge on Yelp. I called ahead to ask if I needed a reservation, but it wasn't necessary. Walked in and got a haircut from KNU. Not only did he give me a great haircut, but he gave me loads of tips on cool places to go around town. I read some reviews about it being loud and unprofessional. This place is just fun to hang out and all the guys just have a blast together. If you're looking for a boring clinical place, this is not it. Go here for a good haircut at a good price with some cool dudes.

Mike J.

Sampe was phenomenal! Waiting when I got there. Did an outstanding job!need a haircut in Boston see Sampe!

Miless H.

Best value place in town. Good vibes and conversation, plus some good music. Highly recommend Brian for a great cut.

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