Nelson Mejia started out over 20 years ago with a passion for providing outstanding haircuts in Boston. Since then, Cut N Edge has grown into one of the most friendly, efficient, and fun barbershops in the city. When you aren't receiving an expert cut from Nelson, Christmas, Sampe, or the like, you'll be laughing at the amiable banter, watching the fight on one of the TV screens, or enjoying the beats of a cumbia. We hope to see you soon.


Line Up $ 15
Regular Cut $ 20
Cut with Beard $ 23
Full Service with Hot Towels and Lather $ 26
cosmetics my scent

Hello girls! Today I want to show you some of feminine cosmetics and cleaning of the miAroma brand, some products that you can surely try because they have franchises in many places and are still expanding. MiAroma sells cleaning products, feminine cosmetics, personal hygiene, perfumery and ambience all in bulk. In the family photo with the products my scent, we have 5 cans that although they seem...

Casual Outfit

Hello girls! In the previous outfit post I showed you my favorite jersey but before that I had written about other casual outfits or more daring. By majority, casual outfits always win, since they are the ones that we wear the most every day, although I will also keep on raising another type of different outfit even if some followers like it less. But today I bring you another casual outfit, which...

Mary kay timewise

Hello girls! A few months ago, take a raffle on Sonia's beautiful blog that you can see at SorteoMary Kay won, and today finally after so much time I bring you my opinion on one of the female cosmetic products that wins, Mary Kay timewise. What is Mary Kaytimewise? It is a 3 in 1 cleanser, because it cleans, exfoliates and tones in one step. If you look very well in the image Mary Kay timewise has...

Kit inviero de Cattier

Hello girls! Today I want to tell you about Cattier winter kit for female cosmetics. This winter kit is composed of a lip balm and a repairing hand cream. It is the ideal kit to face the winter to always have hydrated hands and soft lips, hydrated and well protected. The good thing about this brand is that Cattier: - Formulates its products based on natural ingredients partially obtained by organi...