Nelson Mejia started out over 20 years ago with a passion for providing outstanding haircuts in Boston. Since then, Cut N Edge has grown into one of the most friendly, efficient, and fun barbershops in the city. When you aren't receiving an expert cut from Nelson, Christmas, Sampe, or the like, you'll be laughing at the amiable banter, watching the fight on one of the TV screens, or enjoying the beats of a cumbia. We hope to see you soon.


Line Up $ 15
Regular Cut $ 20
Cut with Beard $ 23
Full Service with Hot Towels and Lather $ 26
ken human

Hello girls! When we talk about Barbie real Vs Barbie model, we talk about Valeria Lukyanova the human barbie that is a little freaked out of the head that says he can talk to the aliens and pretends to feed on the sun ... among many other things. But the female sex is not the only one who has gone a little head nooo we also have the human Ken. Who is the human ken? The name of the first human Ken...

Wedding dresses for Autumn/Winter

Hello girls, a few weeks ago we talked about how to buy a wedding dress online and cheap, and today I bring you ideas for cheap winter/fall wedding dresses. Because although weddings are usually in spring-summer because the weather is fine, there are always those who prefer to get married in winter either because there is a special date they like, because they can not in summer ... Source image: T...

Jersey Eiffel Tower - Romwe

Hello, girls! Today I want to show you my new romwe jersey, I have not shown you anything on this website for a long time because when I take off my new clothes it is already very night to take pictures but this is one of my favorite jerseys and you can not stay without entry in this blog, since it has been one of my best low cost purchases. It is a very warm jersey-sweatshirt designed with pictur...

Beyu eyebase

Hello, girls! Today in the blog I want to tell you about a makeup product, the Beju eye primer, which I requested a few weeks ago to the Perfumes club website. First of all in case we have some clueless, what are they and what are the prebases for shadows? The prebases of eyes serve to keep the shadows in our eyes for much longer intact. They also serve so that we do not get folds, and so that the...